S.E.A.S.Centre (Support Enhance Access Service Centre) is a not –for-profit social service agency promoting individual well-being, enhancing family harmony, and encouraging community involvement in all walks of life through diverse program, volunteer opportunities and community activities.



We envision a welcoming community that supports the integration of newcomers into Canadian life. It is a community where everyone can flourish and where everyone can contribute.




Under the auspices of the Metro Toronto Housing Authority and Public Health Department of the City of Toronto, S.E.A.S.Centre was first established in 1986 to serve primarily the needs of South East Asians settled in the Regent Park area. The Agency was then staffed by only one full-time staff with the help of seconded staff from social agencies in the neighbourhood, offering settlement services, ESL classes and cultural events to the new immigrants and refugees alike.


The first Annual General Meeting was held and the board of Directors was elected in October 1987. SEAS Centre underwent dramatic change since 1995. First it was admitted as a member of United Way of Toronto. Services, staff members and branch offices were expanded in response to the rising needs for the community.


Today, SEAS Centre is a multi -social service agency that focuses on family and immigrant services. The services are extended to all ethnic groups but with particular attention to the Chinese, Vietnamese and Filipino communities through its branch offices in the Greater Toronto Area and York Region.






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